Dumpling & Bao


Story of our life

Mum, a lifetime rocket engineer.

Andy, an in depth cafe pro.

Mia, an IT guru.

Dad, a trendy but old school navy.

Together, we created Eightgrains in 2017, when our family reunited, with mom's recipes, Andy's twist, Mia's 'master plan', and dad's never ending positive energy. 

Working day and night, with what we would have back at home, the traditional dumplings for sharing at family reunions, bao for the childhood memories in taiwanese streets, sichuan chilli for our all time favourite spicy addictions, and the old shanghainese flavours - something that reminds us of what my dear old grandma use to make.

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The Art

Boutique traditional hand made Chinese pot stickers

There's more than meets the eye


Dumplings are meant to be bite sizes, wrapped not too thick, not too thin with the mixture of texture and flavours in.

Hand squeezed or folded into little pockets of juicy and satisfying goodness.

Traditionally, it will be boiled or little oil pan fried - not all Chinese food are greasy as you'd think, and in fact, Chinese home cooking are never too greasy - like how every mom wants you to eat more veggies, the way mom cooks, it's always good for you.

From flour and water to bao buns. 

Seemly simple mixing, folding and kneading the dough millions of times, forming them into little buns to proof and steam.

Every bit of work that mom does, it's the true science of love, temperature, experience, patience and persistence.

“Chinese food is far more than just fried rice  ” 

- Eightgrains -


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except Xmas day and New Year.

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