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Give the gift of a wonderful dining experience and a night off with our perfect for year-round gifting, incentives and celebration. Give your loved one the gift of choice and they'll be able to explore all the amazing food options from 9 restaurants across Christchurch.

Both E-cards and physical gift cards are available and can be redeemed at any of the restaurants listed below: Eight Grains, Sushi Soldier, Boom Boom Chicken, Ramen Ria, Midnight Shanghai, Riverside Cantina, Gelato & Tea, Table of Munchies, Muy Muy and Dose Diner.


A gourmet basket of Eightgrains products made fresh by our family in Christchurch and kept frozen for cooking at your own home.

The gift bag includes all of the following for an authentic experience with an ease:

  1. dumpling pack with cooking instruction

  2. ramen noodle pack with cooking instruction

  3. bao bun pack

  4. dumpling dipping sauce 

  5. Eightgrains fire cracker chilli oil

  6. Bamboo steamer with steel seals

  7. Steamer paper

  8. Limited Eightgrains tote bag (Free with Gift Pack before Dragon CHINESE NEW YEAR only)

Eightgrains Gift Bag - great gift made locally for all occasions with thoughtfulness and gourmet asian flare
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