We are thrilled to introduce ourselves as Eightgrains for the first time! Be prepared for our mind blowing and flavour bursting creations 1st Feb 2017 in Christchurch City Centre. For those who are lucky enough to be involved in our first round of trial run in mid Jan, you are obliged to provide kind feedbacks to us in any way, Facebook, Instagram, Tripadvisor.. or send us a nice photo, a cute card, because we love to be loved and we love to give back surprises :)

I keep telling people Chinese food is not just sweet and sour pork, or fried rice. It's over thousands of years of awesomeness and you have to keep exploring! From dumpling, bao, craft beer, and sushi to Chinese woks, our signature pork, Japanese barbecue and matcha ice cream.. I just can't wait! We hope to present you the oldest, the most intimate side of Chinese food in our new generations' ways. Please be brave (don't worry chicken feet is not on our menu...or we won't tell you), be thankful, be happy because we promise you we will bring our best and love deepest from our hearts.

Our secret is out - mom's loving and care in the process of food creation, Andy's ideas and early mornings of hard work, and Mia's passion and determination in bringing our beliefs to Eightgrains and to you.

I hope you hear the music around you, smell the flowers and see the smiles, do the happy dance, sing your favourite songs and love Eightgrains. We are here, and we want to see you!

This is Mia over and out.


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255 St Asaph  Street, Little High Eatery Christchurch City 

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